The World Bank fifth Implementation Support Mission reviewed the progress of Modern Food Storage Facilities Project (MFSP)

Dhaka: 17 December, 2017

A review meeting on the progress of Modern Food Storage Facilities Project ( MFSP) held today between the World Bank fifth Implementation Support Mission and the Project Management Unit (PMU).

The main objective of the mission was to review  the overall Implementation Status and progress towards meeting project objectives and identified the areas to be priorities for achieving the project target.

At the outset of discussion welcoming the World Bank Task Team members,  Mr. Md Gazi Ur Rahman, Project director (Additional Secretary) MFSP presented the component-wise Financial and Physical Progress made so far elaborately. He also explained the challenges that were being managed with the cooperation of the concerned government agencies and the World Bank as well.  

  The visiting Mission Task Team Leader Mr. Manieval Sene, (Senior Agriculture Specialist) expressed his satisfaction on overall progress so far achieved. The Task Team Leader refereeing the Modern Food Storage Facilities Project as a priority project of the World Bank in Bangladesh, he emphasized the need for implementing the project following time frame.

During discussion on progress status the Project Director also mentioned that the main objectives of this project is to increase the grain reserve available to households to meet their post-disaster needs and improve the efficiency of grain storage management by developing 8 Silo complex of capacity 535,500 MT and facilitating  5,00,000 households access to domestic silos to ensure household level food security. To achieve this target relentless effort would be continued in implementing this project 

 It should be mentioned that the ten-member visiting team will hold the meeting with Officials from Ministry of Food, Directorate General of Food, Economic Relation Division and other relevant government and non-government organizations during their five days (17-21 December) visit in Bangladesh.

Mr. Md. Rezaul Karim Sheikh, Deputy Project Director of MFSP and Mr. K M Maqsoodul Mannan (Construction Engineering Specialist) as Member of the World Bank visiting Mission including Officials and Consultant of the PMU were attended the meeting.