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Bengal famine, the provincial government to deal with the Bengal Rationing Order / 1943 issued and the Bengal Civil Supplies Dept. Established. Bangladesh.

After the establishment of a Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies Ministry emerged as a new and under the Directorate General of Food, an organization was created. Different areas of the country has a shortage of food, so the food department of the Government of Bangladesh has become one of the most important departments and we Collection and Distribution of Food and Other Food Items Such as Sugar, Equipped, Bhaujya oil, Salt, Collection and Distribution System.

Purpose of Establishing the Directorate General of Food

  • Emergency food and Essential Goods to be Delivered to customers (Cereal imports, rationing).
  • Achieve Self-reliance in Food Production (Internal Collection).
  • Food Security Policy, Sisaster Management / Relief Management Integrated with Them.
  • Targeted to the Public sector due to land in the cereal.
  • Stockpiled emergency (safety stock).