Component B


Component B –
Support for Food Planning and Monitoring Program

Component (B1)
Support for Food Planning and Policies-The objective of this component is three fold:
(i) to enhance the institutional capacity of DG Food and the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (FPMU) and support these agencies in carrying out their respective mandates; (ii) to address analytical gaps and support the development of an evidence-based policy framework to improve the efficiency and performance of the country’s overall food storage system and management of strategic grain reserves; and (iii) to improve the coordination of public agencies (in particular DG Food and FPMU with MoDMR) involved in procurement, public storage, and distribution of food grains, as well as disaster relief.

A range of studies will be developed, undertaken, and disseminated under Component B1 to answer strategic challenges -(i) the “optimum” volume of grain to be stored and its implications on GoB’s policies; (ii) the impacts of GoB food market interventions on price stabilization and broader food markets; (iii) the improvements needed in the enabling environment conducive of an increased participation of the private sector in modern grain storage facilities; (iv) a strategy for disposal of grain stored in the modern facilities; (v) evaluation of the current physical condition of existing public storage facilities; (vi) development of the policy, legal, and institutional framework and technical requirements for nutrient fortification; and (vii) introduction of a warehouse receipt system.

This program will be hosted by FPMU in close collaboration with DG Food and in partnership with a “joint venture” between a renowned national and an international institution. The program will become a platform for evidence-based policy dialogue between MoFood and MoDMR as well as other ministries.

Component B2
will also support the development, installation, and initial operation of a nationwide electronic monitoring system for food stocks. This modern food stock monitoring system will be coordinated by DG Food. To that effect, this component will include the establishment of a food monitoring center under DG Food. Technical assistance will be provided under this component to finance improvements in the monitoring and management of food storage/stock and to introduce a modernized system that will enable GoB to better plan and monitor food stocks nationwide.