Component C


Component C -
Project Management, Construction Supervision, Technical Assistance, Training and Strategic Studies This component will finance costs required to ensure adequate overall management of the project, monitoring and evaluation of the activities implemented, and capacity enhancement of selected stakeholders. It will include:

(C1) project management of the task; incremental staff and expenditures of DG Food in implementation of the project; the costs for implementing the Governance and Accountability Action Plan, including a panel of experts, as needed, a Procurement Panel, an audit, and other such costs;

(C2) cost of consultants for preparation of bidding documents, construction supervision, and update of designs required during construction; this will among others include costs for construction supervision and monitoring and evaluation of project impacts;

(C3) provision of technical assistance, training, institutional capacity building, preparation of future projects, and any strategic studies needed during project implementation and not covered under Component B.