Questionnaire For Market Survey For Silo Construction

The Directorate General of Food is implementing the World Bank-financed Modern Food Storage Facilities Project (MFSFP) in Bangladesh and planning to procure contracts for construction of steel silos for grain storage.

The procurement process is expected to be initiated within the next 3 months.  Before initiating the procurement process, the project implementing agency is conducting a market survey to gauge the availability of relevant firms in the market for purpose of devising the appropriate procurement strategy to enable maximum participation of firms in the upcoming procurement process.

This market survey is NOT a pre-qualification or expression of interest exercise.  The information provided by the firms in response to the market survey questionnaire has no relationship with, nor shall it be considered in the subsequent procurement process which will be separately advertised and carried out through the World Bank’s open international competitive procurement procedure.  

A short market survey questionnaire has been prepared and published on MFSP website ( Menu Tender-Works.  Firms (international and national) who are in the business of construction of steel silos for grain storage are requested to download the questionnaire and submit required information by email to: by 1 September 2020.   An online discussion meeting will be held via WebEx on 7 September 2020 at 4 pm Bangladesh Time. Only potential bidders who have submitted responses will be invited for discussion